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Customer Feedback
Customers from all over Ohio had this to say about their experience
I love the clubs.  It is amazing how much of a difference the correct shafts can make.  I have played 6.5 rounds of golf since I got the new set, and the improvement is great. I still make poor shots occasionally, but none of them are a result of the clubs.  I know no clubs can correct mis hit shots.  Still, the forgiveness is much better than the mis-hits I made with my old set. Also, these new clubs just feel solid when I swing them and hit the ball.  I stand over every shot with greater confidence than I’ve ever had, before.

I am very happy with the set and am still learning my new capabilities with each club.  I have much more confidence than before.  And my son even said they are “really nice looking.”  (!)

                                                                                 Richard - Vienna, WV

Just wanted to let you know how the clubs are working out so far.  I played another 18 on Wednesday and scored 43/46. I really like how the Hybrids were working out and the wedges as well. As for the driver, it just seemed like I was not getting good contact or feel with it. I was scheduled to play again on Thursday, so I decided to do some testing with impact decals.  .............What a difference, all of a sudden the ball was springing off the face. I gained a little confidence and began to swing my arms a little faster as a result.  All of this was taking place over 27 holes of golf and a 41/42/41, the best I have played in years. I hit several greens in regulation on long holes and all par 5s in regulation. Had several just slightly missed birdie putts which would have easily dropped me into the 30s on each nine.  For once, I was not only keeping pace, score wise with the other guys, I was beating the majority of the league players. The most fun I have had on the golf course in years. To say I am pleased would be a massive understatement. I wanted to let you know how the first week and several rounds have gone so far. Thank you again for your efforts.

                                                                                      Terry - Northeast Ohio

Clubs are great! I hit some really good shots. I'm loving the 3 Hybrid. .............My brother-in-laws were jealous.

                                                                                        Tom - Columbus, OH

Add my name to the HOLE IN ONE CLUB!!! I scored my first one ever on Sunday, on a par 3 to an island green.  From the red tees, about 85 yards & used a PW. I knew I had hit a pretty good shot but couldn't see it land because the pin was behind a large mounded sand bunker. Got up to the green, couldn't find my ball. My friend said "maybe it's in the hole.”  I went 'nah", but walked up to the cup, looked in, and THERE IT WAS! I let out a yell that half the golf course could have heard, and we stood and laughed and clapped and hollered and laughed some more.  Thank you, Surge, for a great swing. Thank you, Dave Seeman, for the one-day golf school lesson, and Thank you, John Dranschak, for my custom fitted golf clubs.

                                                                                         Tina - Northeast Ohio
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I could not be happier than I am with the new driver you made me. I have added at least 30 yards on my drives and have completely gotten rid of my slice/fade. I have consistently averaged 290 to 305 on my drives since getting that custom made. I also wanted to let you know I've gained yardage on the irons you re-shafted. Thanks again for taking the time to help me with all of my clubs and for helping to design and build a new driver for me.

                                                                                    Justin - Grove City, Ohio

I have been golfing a few times since the league ended on August 29 which by the way, I ended up in First Place in our mixed league of 20.  I used my driver to great advantage on the last couple of  play days. Since then I have played at least weekly and I am not hitting to the right unless I have aimed thusly.  As for the left side, I sometimes go further left (not hooked) so I think it may be alignment.  I am so happy to see that ball rise in a trajectory seldom seen before.  That alone makes me smile as it was such a rarity.

                                                                                       Ruth - Lancaster, Ohio

I wanted to send you this note to thank you for the golf clubs that you built for me . As you know, I was struggling with my game – Handicap 21. A “good round” for me was low hundreds or maybe an occasional mid to high 90s.

You spent time on the range with me, analyzed my swing and offered plenty of options as far as shafts, grips and club heads. The new set of Wishon clubs that you built for me has improved my score and led to more enjoyment of the game. Last year I finally broke 90 and now have a new low personal score of 82. You made the best possible set of clubs that would work for “MY SWING”, I did not have to change anything.

Golf is such a wonderful game to play when you are not constantly searching for balls in the woods. It is also nice to not have to “calculate” how to hit a drive while trying to find room for my slice! Averaging a penalty stroke per hole was tough. I was the guy who got all the exercise.

I’m confident in my equipment, my game is better and I didn’t go broke buying the latest equipment in the club house. I would recommend your services to anyone out there who needs custom clubs – no matter how good or bad their game is.

                                                                                       Wayne - Loveland, Ohio

I want to thank you so much for the new clubs. Being a new golfer I really appreciated all the extra time you spent with me and the patience you showed. Since receiving the clubs my ability to hit straighter and further has greatly improved. I obviously have a long way to go and I'm working on my swing daily. But the great thing is knowing that my equipment is now not impeding my progress. If you are new to golf and are thinking that custom clubs are for experienced players only there is nothing that can be further from the truth. They do make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

                                                                                       Buzz - Columbus, Ohio

If you are looking for someone who loves the game and loves what he does, John Dranschak is your guy. He really takes the time to meet with you, and discuss what you are looking for out of a golf club. He fits the clubs to your game and swing rather than changing the way you play. I am VERY happy with my set. In fact my game has picked up. THANKS JOHN!!!

                                                                                      Kelly  - Cincinnati Ohio

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