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Certified Professional Golf Club Fitting, Clubmaking & Repair

It all starts with the Player Interview Form [DOWNLOAD]  and a dynamic fitting, on the range, which is by far, the best method for both gathering data and seeing ball flight patterns.  By using data gathered as you hit your own clubs, test clubs with the correct specifications can be chosen. From feedback and data that we get using the test clubs, the correct club specifications are determined so I know the length, loft, lie, shaft weight, shaft frequency and grip size needed for each club.

For iron sets I recommend what most club makers call the "Full Blueprint Method". Here is a description of how I apply this method to build your set.

First I measure the frequency of each shaft at 15", 25", and 35" from the tip end with a 454 gram weight attached to the tip. The shaft set is then sorted by combining the frequency readings into a composite rating so that the right shaft is paired with the right club head to achieve optimal consistency and performance.

All shafts are not perfectly round due to production tolerances. This creates a "spine" in the shaft. Most (particularly graphite) shafts have two planes where the shaft will vibrate in a completely stable back and forth motion. At every other point not on one of these planes the shaft will vibrate in a circular motion.  One of these planes has a lower frequency than the other. Finding these planes is called finding FLO (Flat Line Oscillation).  I place the Flat Line Oscillation (FLO) plane that has the lower frequency in the down the target line position.  This is accomplished by attaching a laser to the shaft and twanging it horizontally, adjusting the dry fitted head until a flat oscillation laser line is obtained. I also will find the spine in the shaft but finding FLO usually finds the most stable shaft plane. This allows the shaft to vibrate in its most stable orientation for consistent ball flight.

The next step is to frequency and MOI (Moment of Inertia) match your clubs. The function of this step is to make each iron feel like it takes the same amount of strength to swing the club. In the past clubs were built by matching swingweights which was the best approximation of MOI at the time. If you prefer swingweight matched clubs I can also build that way. MOI matched clubs will have a club to club length difference of 3/8" versus the past standard of 1/2" which makes both the longest and shortest clubs easier to hit.

Finally the grips are weight sorted and matched to the correct shaft/head combination and are sized to the optimum grip size for you based on your fitting.


Wood fittings are done separately from irons to control the number of balls hit and not allow fatigue to become a factor. For driver fittings the key parameters that need to be fit are head loft, face angle, shaft weight, Club length, and shaft frequency profile. Fitting these correctly will optimize your distance and accuracy.

During the fitting I analyze your ball flight and trajectory with the Accusport VectorX launch monitor combined with OptimalFlight Trajectory Modeling Software.  I also use video tape analysis to determine your overall tempo time, top of backswing to impact time and where you start to release your wrists during the downswing.  I can then can look at potential loft and shaft scenarios utilizing trajectory and shaft profiling software.

Once the head shaft and grip are chosen I use similar building techniques to the ones described above for irons. The main difference is I profile wood shafts at 7 different points along the shaft instead of three. The shaft is FLO'd as with irons and grips are sized to your specifications. I also record all specifications so that if the club is lost or broken, I can make a replacement that will be very very close to the original.

I can also accommodate special requests and can build just about any club shaft combination depending on your special needs and preferences.

Give me a call today to get started on building a set FIT just for you.
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