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Miura PP-9903 cavity back iron
PGA tour pros can play whatever equipment they like and can get paid large sums of money by their equipment company. Yet pros like KJ Choi PAID for their Miura irons just like you and I would. That should tell you something about the incomparable feel and accuracy that Mr. Miura has designed into his ultra premium forged irons. You have to experience it to fully appreciate what Miura irons can do for your game! I know because I play them myself. They will be the last brand of iron you will every buy!
See what Adam Barr, formerly of Golf Channel "what's in the bag" fame, and now President of Miura has to say about the new PP-9003 irons
Miura CB 301 iron
Miura CB 501 iron
Miura MC 102 iron
Miura CB 202 iron
Miura Forged Blade
Miura Limited Edition 1957 small blade
Miura CB-501
Miura CB-301
Miura MC-102
Miura CB-202
Miura Forged Blade
Miura 1957 Small Blade